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Whitley Strieber is a Mossad Asset

Well, it didn't surprise me much when I got a phone call today from a friend informing me that Whitley Strieber had banned a whole group of individuals, mostly long-time PAYING customers to his website, because they were engaged in informative and revealing discussions, based in part on ongoing personal eye-witness testimony from survivors, on Monarch Mind Control.

After all, Strieber himself is perfect example of a Monarch Mind Control Survivor.

And as such, he is also an Israeli Intelligence asset, as are all Monarch Multiples.

How can I make this claim?

Very easily. It is that the genesis of the entire 'alien abduction' saga lies in ...Genesis. Well, also in Exodus as well as the rest of the Bible; Old Testament, of course.

It is because the origins of Monarch Slavery lay there as well. I know, I was one of their high-end slaves ...and along with the physical, mental, and emotional torture, mind control programming and belief-conditioning I received, I was privy to their own history of who they really are and from whence they came; The Cult, that is...

And who is The Cult?

Well, they call themselves Moriah.

I will let that last statement stand for the moment without further explanation as I was not really prepared for this kind of post this afternoon. I have been absent from this blog for reasons which no doubt will soon become apparent as soon as I go to post this piece.

Right now, I intend to open up a disscussion on the recent debacle at Strieber's site and invite all those who have been unfairly, unjustly, ejected from that site, and anyone else who wishes to, use the comment section in this post to talk about whatever they feel would be relevant to what has just occurred over at the UC site.

You are all welcome here.

I shall continue my discourse along similar lines of thought at another time.

Pro Libertate!



Bots said...

I enjoyed your thoughts about the "genesis" of this, and I agree with them.

OSR, you amaze me. Like my parents, you get smarter and smarter as I get older and older. LOL

Best wishes to you.

Anonymous said...

I noticed this comment on your previous blog entry. It bears repeating:

Anonymous said...
Hi OSR, I'm glad to see you've started a blog. Your material is important and needs to be read as widely as possible. All the best!


OSR wrote: it's just so classic Cult-based trauma-conditioned "Monarch" Dissociated Identity Disorder ...he is textbook case.

I was just cleaning my hard drive and I found an interview Strieber did with Art Bell last year, which I'd not had the stomach to listen to. I almost fell off my chair when I heard the following (transcribed verbatim):

[This is Strieber's response to a caller's question on mind control. Strieber had been describing how his ear implant was put in place by humans who had entered his home during the night:]

WS: But let's get back to the issue of mind control. Does this [implant] mean I'm under mind control? This was my question immediately. and if so, if I thought that was true, I think I might even consider killing myself. But personally, I do not believe that it is true, because I am working too hard on behalf of a level of freedom and independence based on a knowledge about this for it to be any kind of bad mind
AB: Okay, well I hope that's right.
WS: I hope I'm right. That's all I can say. I hope I'm right. Now whether these implants involve mind control, or if mind control could be involved in this, mind control is a matter of influencing the way a person thinks--from the outside, by introducing material that they believe to be their own thoughts. That's what mind control is.
AB: That's right. So how would you know? How would you know, Whitley, if it was happening?
WS: Well I think you would know by what you did. By what what you did. And what I'm doing, is trying to really empower the human species to perform our side of this relationship [i.e. with "the" aliens] in a functional manner. And I don't think that there's anything wrong with that. I don't think that its a bad thing to be doing.
AB: Well I don't either. But the question is whether its your original thought.
WS: I don't think if I said...I don't think I can answer that. And if I...and if I said I could, maybe I would be under mind control.
Strieber interviewed by Art Bell, Coast to Coast 8/27/06
Hour 4 - section starts at approx 9:11, ironically


>> "if *I* thought that was true, *I* think *I* might even consider killing *my* *self*"

Could there be a number of 'selves' or alters are at work here? If this is MC, it sounds like suicide programming. It would appear that if WS even dared to *think* he might be under MC, an alter is on guard ready to pull the plug before he can blab publicly.

>> "I think you would know by what you did."

But not in the case of a man with admitted missing time. WS reported excitedly in his Journal that both he and wife Anne jointly experienced a chunk of missing time only a week or two before this interview was aired...Can you say LOL..?

>> " And what I'm doing, is trying to really empower the human species to perform our side of this relationship [i.e. with "the" aliens] in a functional manner."

And he has seamlessly strayed from his attempt to "get back to" MC--and flip-flopped, with his (monarch?) butterfly mind, right back into his comfort zone with the Grays... This is a professional writer and broadcaster failing to keep his thinking on track, even for the length of as much as a sentence... And he thinks his thinking isn't controlled!

With the inevitable questions of a better informed public, WS is forced to make a show of acknowledging the possibility of MC... but not consider it *too* seriously since, as WS noted, he is set up to suicide himself should he ever seriously do so. Thus the agenda for WS is to 'consider' MC purely in order to comfortingly discount the idea. He has a gun to his head, in effect. And I suspect he is not the only opinion-former who is so conditioned.

April 10, 2007 6:12 PM

Pretty much sums the the bannings on his site.

Anonymous said...

Well, It seems that long before the recent purge at UC, other members had some opinions about that was going on there:

Msg #
Date: Wed Jun 26, 2002 2:43 pm
Subject: MC theory on Whitley Strieber's message board (April 2001)

A post to Whitley Strieber's UnknownCountry message board from last April.

I saved this post and have copied the text here, but also found it at



Unknown Country: Issues: Mind Control Theory


Raiyn doe
Saturday, April 07, 2001 - 04:29 pm

I had a busy night's sleep last night. I worked through some things that had
been nagging at me and have come up with a likely piece of the mind control

I've studied ritual abuse and mind control for some time. There's an aspect
of spirituality that comes into a person's life (especially a child's) as a
result of undue suffering. Many report going to a place in another dimension
for comfort and support when the suffering becomes too great. What has
puzzled me is that the perpetrators of the suffering know this. They know a
child will break through to a different realm at a certain point, similar to
what happens during a near-death-experience. The perpetrators work toward
this, deliberately.

So, why would they encourage access to a profound spirituality -- the very
essence of which can then empower the child to resist his/her very captors?

I believe they do this because they think they can control even this apect of
a person's experience.

People who go to the other realm, for whatever reason, often emerge as very
magnetic, loving and loveable people. Others are drawn to them. They can
become gifted artists, writers, performers. They have a depth that is rare
and pleasing.

And then they are used as bait. Their controlers have laid the groundwork for
other forms of control, and let that person go and explore for a time, making
friends, drawing attention, warming hearts. When it's time to reel them in,
the bait has attracted a number of fish, and they're all caught in the same

For reasons I can't specify here, I believe there are a number of actors, for
example, who are an unwitting part of this. They have a magnetism, a depth -
they become widely admired. But underneath it all, they are controlled.

So, the controllers, thinking they can hug fire to the breast and not get
burned, allow for the exploration of the spiritual in some of their subjects.
Believing they have ultimate control however, they think they can turn it off
at whim.

Lucky are the ones who incorporate their spiritual journey so deeply, and
take it so seriously, that they never return to another's control. They break
the bonds and thus are never used as tools of manipulation.

Take Schwarzi's character in "Total Recall," for example. He was part of the
set-up to fool the psychics and infiltrate the underground movement. He
allowed himself to have his memory erased as an operative of the government,
became a passionate rebel, and thus gained access to the secrets of the
resistance. When his task was completed, he was to have his memory restored,
having then completely betrayed his new "friends," and walk away rich and
full of mirth.

But something happened to him while he was in this memory-erased state. He
came to deeply identify with the person he had been permitted to become. When
the time came for him to be reeled back in, he broke the bonds, refused to
betray his new companions, and then crushed the very authoritarian forces
that he had been such an integral part of.

In real life, some are not so lucky (or courageous.) They allow themselves to
be reeled back in. They become manipulative tools of the controllers. They
know something is happening - they know they are changing, but they never
allow this awareness to penetrate. They flow with it. The end result is that
they bring to their controllers the secrets of the people whose confidences
they have secured. They betray their companions, and re-enter the world of
controllers as one of them.

Others may see this change taking place and issue warning. "Something is
happening to you," they may say, "something is shifting. Please don't allow
it. Please fight it." They may be sharp and pointed in trying to awaken a
brother or sister-in-spirit. If the warning is not heeded, however, then
those who fight on the side of Light have lost a fellow-warrior. It is very

So that's my theory. I have seen this happen recently to people I know
personally and to people I have only admired from a distance. I think I
finally understand the dynamic.

Something here has shifted, and I've been sad to see it go.

A certain author's books have given me an untold number of gifts. It has been
my pleasure to share this part of another's journey. I have been passionate,
unyielding and sincere in defending a certain author to some very smart
people who have always believed he's just been a shill for the covert
operators. I'm through with that, and have learned a valuable lesson.

I figure that for every child who has been a victim of government mind
control ops, there's about a 75% chance that he/she will eventually return to
the nest. How sad that we even have to struggle with such issues in our

There but for the grace of God go I. I've seen the coolest people fall away.
At least now I know what to pray for: "Please God, let me be one of the 25%
to make it through to the end."

It has been a valuable thing for me to take part in some of the discussions
on this board, but I'm leaving. Something about pearls and farm animals comes
to mind when I think of certain personalities whose views dominate the tone

Watch out for that net, people. God Bless.


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997 Re: MC theory on Whitley Strieber's message board (April 2001) concept_of_irony Wed 6/26/2002


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Msg #
Date: Wed Jun 26, 2002 3:21 pm
Subject: "The perplexing puzzle of Whitley Streiber's Secret School"


Apparently there were signs of Whitley being an alleged mc victim long
before I ever picked up on them. I suspected he might have been a ritual
abuse survivor from reading his novel "Night Church" but never made the
connection about his family's military/intelligence connections until he
started changing right before my eyes. I believe I first noticed the change
in him during the 2000 sElection. Then after 911 it was BLATANT. This is
from a 1996 interview.

"The Secret Government" or
"The perplexing puzzle of Whitley Streiber's Secret School"
by John Chambers


Again, from Chambers: Later in the conference was when the astute researcher
hinted at this 'other meaning to this reality altogether' in statements the
implications of which he did not seem to be fully aware of himself. At this
session, Strieber spoke extensively of the Secret Government within our
government. He began by chronicling his personal experience of the CIA. It
was an organization that he hated.

"I know a lot about the CIA," he declared. I know a lot of people in the CIA
and I've been very close to the CIA at certain times in my life." But, he
went on, "I don't like the CIA. I think it's a disaster, a national
catastrophe of the first order, a satanic monstrosity."

(KK's comments: I guess Whit is not ready to reveal his knowledge of satanic
activities within the CIA.)

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P.S. I no longer like or trust Diana Napolis. I don't trust her version of what she's experienced or a value her work any longer.

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Msg #
From: "twainable2" protectID=061176235084056209090098072163097019136058066192
Date: Wed May 15, 2002 8:33 am
Subject: soul trapping... was... Non-Lethals Turned on Curio by Diana Napolis, Intro

[Click Here!]

In his book "The Key" Whitley Strieber relates a conversation he
had with "the Master of the Key" about conscious machines and soul-
trapping into machines.

The way I interpret what this "master" is saying is that departed
souls that haven't ascended can be lured by the promise of desire
fulfilled, and not seeing the danger, "enter(s) by a golden door into
eternal captivity." The "master" says souls have been harvested this
way for thousands of years.

It may not just be departed souls. It may include souls freed
temporarily from the body as in an out-of-body experience.

Personally, I would take anything said by Whitley or this "master"
with all the grains of salt in Utah, but reading this book marks the
first time I recall being introduced to the concept of trapping souls
within machines.

I have resisted the "evil alien" concept because I really wish it
weren't possible, but I believe Diana's interpretation of events. I
don't choose to believe this "eternal captivity" part, though that's
what this "master" says and that's what Diana has been led to believe.

I believe that part is a ruse because one moment of shiny
temptation should not qualify one for an eternity of captivity. A
whole lifetime of continually choosing to destroy beauty and
innocence, yes, I could see that. But not this.

Diana is a hero to me personally. She has risked everything in
order to protect children from grave harm, and in order to support
and advocate for survivors of satanic ritual abuse.

It seems to me there has to be a way out of this for Diana. Maybe
prayer. We've been praying for her in my house. Even this "master"
says how powerful prayer can be.

If anyone has any spare goodwill to send her way, or wishes for
protection, maybe those thoughts can join with ours, and maybe we can
genuinely help this tormented, special person.


--- In
post?protectID=246166014213158209213050203140129208071 wrote:

> My name is Diana Napolis aka Karen Curio Jones

> If anyone experiences psychic phenomena of unknown phenomena, I
would urge
> all parties to not trust the message of the original contact. I
> discovered that high-tech virtual reality is being used and
> manipulation is used to try to take control of and destroy others.
I also
> experienced an extraction of my internal substances.
> What's of particular concern about this is that in some of this
imagery there
> are real consequences if acted upon. It appears that there is a
> program in which some of the ET's believe they are Gods and they
> collecting souls.
> I consider this a grave threat to society and other people need to
> informed.

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903 oops, identity confusion, was .... soul trapping... twainable2 Wed 5/15/2002
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I had a healing last year, not knowing before that what kinds of gifts I had. (The surgeries and torture throughout
my lifetime had muted them to a great degree.)

I was 'let-up' in the grocery store once last year, and was laughing with my son. I perceived the light as golden. After
a few minutes I was brought down -- real fast and hard.

This may have been Michael, and it may have been the kind of soul-trapping light described above.

I am very lucky to be alive.

Please see:

Pistis Sophia, Holy Spirit of God

... for more on Michael.


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