Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Whitley Strieber; Dead Man Walking?

I see from my sources that Mr. Whitley Streiber felt it was necessary, once again, to tell lies about me despite the fact that I have not been a poster at his site for almost two years now.

What is it he is so afraid of?

Obviously it is something other than physical violence on my part, since after the debacle involving his banning me from the messsage board for having the audacity to have an opinion about the odd circumstances and exotic explanations surrounding the death of the infamous Harvard abduction-psychiatrist John Mack, he then banned me from entering his website because someone in his chatroom mistook something I said for literal when I was employing a metaphor ...and yet even after I immediately cleared that up via e-mail and let him know I was not threat to him, he still continues today to insist (LIE) that I literally threatened his life.

To show you just how much of a confabulator he is, here is his recent posting on his website regarding his justification for banning some people who happen to also have opinions that he finds threatening, followed by a reference to me and the malicious slander he insists on spewing about me "threatening him." I then paste in my e-mail response to him, which he received as evidenced by his return response. This should open a few eyes as to his deliberate and continued public campaign to invalidate myself and my own personal claims as he has done from just about day one when I began posting on his message board in the "When There Is A Witness Thread..."

Posted on Friday, April 20, 2007; 2:35 pm

"Susano, Lab Rat and Patricia are off this board.
The whole issue of close encounter is still in
question, and we need to approach it in a way that
encourages discussion and the
exchange of information.
That was not happening here, and my previous warnings
to be more accepting of the opinions of others were
not heeded, in my opinion.
This is not an 'admin' decision. My administrator is
instructed only to ban those who directly violate our
posting rules, and that
instruction stands.
This is the second time that I have taken this sort
of action, in the history of my board. The first was
against a poster styled as
OneSmartRat, who threatened
my life in my subscriber section chat
The log containing the threat was turned
over to the
appropriate authorities."

My past e-mail response directly to Strieber on this matter:


Sun, 2 Jan 2005 09:48:29 -0800 (PST)




Send Complete Text



Never did I or anyone else here using this URL make any such statement intended to be taken as an actual threat. In fact I do not recall making any such statement at all, unless it was part of a broader dialogue and context; said in jest or obvious metaphor within the context I was discussing at that time. Any real threat would have obviously been taken as such by the other chat room participants and reported; obviously no one did by your own admission, therefore your justification here is truly secondary and false to your actions against me and further demonstrates your primary motive is based on discriminatory behavior because of your personal anomosity towards me out of you disdain of my personal views and opinions.

Please send the complete text to which you refer or I will pursue legal redress for the discrimination issues at hand and now retaliatory termination of my subscribership.

How any reasonable person could possibly imagine an actual bullet being fired through cyberspace into "Mr. Strieber's head" is really beyond any commonly accepted notions of rational thinking. This would be funny if it wasn't so sad a reflection on your obvious personal insecurity. I can only imagine that you are either a far more severe pathological liar then I first thought, or, you have deliberately taken some metaphorical or obviously symbolic reference and, once again, deliberately twisted what I said OUT OF CONTEXT to your own personal ends. Ends which apparently involve making sure that people like me with beliefs and opinions threatening to your own are not heard or believed in your public forum. It is surely clear to me, as well as many others now, that I am a threat to you, but it is more than evident at this point that the threat has never been, and is not now, a physical one, and ofcourse you know that as well.

As a matter of documented record, I had another poster on your message board threaten to "give me a near death experience" and when that was reported to the "board administrator" (you) you chose to ignore it. Once again, during this same time period, you targetted only me for your so-called application of the "civil rules" because you had already singled me out because of my "controversial" views. ALL of what I claim is documented in the archives of which I have a full copy, as do several others who were witnesses to this discriminatory treatment in real time as it was unfolding.

What exactly are you so afraid of anyway? Is is the truth about me, or the truth about yourself that terrrifies you more?

Since you are now using it as a basis to now discontinue my subscribership, please send copy of full text you have referred to in your opening remark here to me via this e-mail address to prove your absurd claim.

I still expect an answer to my letter, that was e-mailed BEFORE you decided to block my access to the site, obviously negating your excuse of some life threatening remark as you state is the reason for your action...which came AFTER I sent you my complaint.

My letter of complaint addresses discriminatory treatment extending much farther back in time than your latest excuse to deny my subscriber benefits, and it was written and sent BEFORE your latest action. I will not accept any cancellation of my subscribership or partial refund of dues paid as a satifactory resolution since this behavior towards me predates these latest events and does not address the bulk of my complaint and you have never responded to past complaints or inquiries on this matter. Instead of resolving this matter, your action now escalates it into an issue now compounding the original complaint that now includes retaliatory actions against me for making my complaint to you and asking for redress.

Funny, if that excuse given above was the reason, my URL was not blocked until after I mailed my complaint or that I still had access to the subscriber's section and even the chat room, UNTIL I signed in as onesmartrat this evening and was suddenly bounced out.

Does it feel good to silence anybody with a story or opinion that doesn't agree with your own?

How frightened you are of words that you manipulate them into use as weapons against others.

[The rest of letter deleted as it concerns legal issues]

His response:

Strieber wrote:

The statements of a user from your ISP address were
the subject of complaints from other users, which we
have on file. This website is private property. It
offers public access under conditions which the said
user violated. Therefore, access was withdrawn. Any
user at that ISP who had purchased a subscription has
been refunded.

Just so you all understand the context within this supposed
"death threat" took place was within the chatroom section of his

I had been in conversation with some others and was conveying my
interest in debating Mr. Strieber once and for all in an open public
forum such as the chatroom, since he had previously been in there
to "chat" with people, however, I had missed the event.

What I basically said was that if he (Strieber) were "here" I would
"put a bullet in his head" in the same sense that the French employ
the term "Coup de grace."

This term is often used to apply to a variety of other metaphorical
contexts rather the literal meaing from which it derives as
"an act of mercy" in a war theatre or direct combat.

In my context, I was simply using the term to imply how I might
intellectually/verbally vanquish his delusions regarding the whole
abduction phenomenon and, at the same time, end his own
personal misery (and everyone else's) by giving him the
"Coup de grace" ...of an ideological "death" NOT a physical one.

From Whikpedia:

Coup de grâce;

The expression coup de grâce (pronounced /ku də gra/) (French: /ku də ɡʁas/ "blow of mercy") means a death blow intended to end the suffering of a wounded creature. It is often used figuratively to describe the last of a series of events which brings about the end of some entity; for example: "The business had been ailing for years; the coup de grâce which brought it to its knees was the sudden jump in oil prices."

In war times, it means shooting into the cardiac or temporal region of an already shot, but not yet dead person during a military or civilian execution. It can also refer to the final destruction of an already sinking ship; during World War II, ships crippled beyond repair were often finished off by their own escorts, or by enemy submarines. Examples include the USS Wasp and USS Lexington.

In a classic duel to the death, if a person is wounded and not likely to recover, a coup de grâce is performed.

The French pronunciation of the phrase is [ku də gras], but English speakers sometimes mispronounce it as [ku de'gra]. Not pronouncing the final "c" is an example of a hyperforeignism: in French, this mispronunciation sounds like coup de gras, which means "a blow of fat."

Since Mr. Strieber refused to send me the full text of what he claimed he "sent to the proper authorities"(a claim I also find suspect, by the way), I cannot paste in the relevant portions of that chatroom conversation in question.

It became quickly obvious to me that the individual or individuals who read my text at that time might very well have misinterpreted the initial phrase line..."If Strieber was here ...I would put a bullet in his head." When I said "here" I, of course, meant the chatroom, however, I think that whomever complained mistook "here" for "in person" (in my presence) instead, and thus completely mistook the metaphor for the literal.

What I can tell you is that Mr. Strieber, a professional writer with a background with which one might refer to as a 'classical education,' most certainly could easily make such a distinction and recognize the error or interpretation on the complainer's part. But instead, he chooses to play this game of taking things said out of context and TWISTING AND DISTORTING WORDS AND IDEAS TO MEET HIS OWN PERSONAL AGENDA.

And that is the classic defintion of disinformation.

That Mr. Whitley Streiber would like you all to think that his life is "in danger" from the likes of me when, in fact, he knows that to be a false presumption on his part, knowing full well, as evidenced from my prompt e-mail to him on the matter and assurances that I was indeed not intending physical harm towards him, should tell you all something about his lack of Intellectual honesty regarding what is fact and what is fiction. He seems to be almost pathologically driven to deliberately infuse fact with whatever fiction suits his purpose and further his own agenda at any given point in time.

He is a master of words, and to this end, he employs them as virtual weapons of mass distortion ...and subsequent destruction when he uses them as he has to defame and invalidate me or anyone like me who tells a story different than the one he insists on ...and to use character assassination as a means to silence our message.

(Which, incidentally, is a classic Intel MO).

And, after all, Whitley Strieber has made himself a reputation (and a better-than-average living) as a noted author of primarily fiction novels.

And that alone, would seem to me to be just cause for re-evaluating Strieber's claims in regard to everything else he has said to be "true" and authentic within the same fact vs. fiction criteria and parameters to which he seems to be constantly blurring in his own case against me here, most assuredly.

Perhaps, Mr. Strieber's life IS in danger. In my opinion, ALL Monarch Multiples-Alien Abductees live under constant threat of death ...both at the hands of others ...and quite possibly themselves.

In that regard, we are all "dead man walking."




Friday, April 20, 2007

Whitley Strieber is a Mossad Asset

Well, it didn't surprise me much when I got a phone call today from a friend informing me that Whitley Strieber had banned a whole group of individuals, mostly long-time PAYING customers to his website, because they were engaged in informative and revealing discussions, based in part on ongoing personal eye-witness testimony from survivors, on Monarch Mind Control.

After all, Strieber himself is perfect example of a Monarch Mind Control Survivor.

And as such, he is also an Israeli Intelligence asset, as are all Monarch Multiples.

How can I make this claim?

Very easily. It is that the genesis of the entire 'alien abduction' saga lies in ...Genesis. Well, also in Exodus as well as the rest of the Bible; Old Testament, of course.

It is because the origins of Monarch Slavery lay there as well. I know, I was one of their high-end slaves ...and along with the physical, mental, and emotional torture, mind control programming and belief-conditioning I received, I was privy to their own history of who they really are and from whence they came; The Cult, that is...

And who is The Cult?

Well, they call themselves Moriah.

I will let that last statement stand for the moment without further explanation as I was not really prepared for this kind of post this afternoon. I have been absent from this blog for reasons which no doubt will soon become apparent as soon as I go to post this piece.

Right now, I intend to open up a disscussion on the recent debacle at Strieber's site and invite all those who have been unfairly, unjustly, ejected from that site, and anyone else who wishes to, use the comment section in this post to talk about whatever they feel would be relevant to what has just occurred over at the UC site.

You are all welcome here.

I shall continue my discourse along similar lines of thought at another time.

Pro Libertate!