Monday, March 19, 2007

Your Introduction To The Land of Oz

Hello. My name is Onesmartrat.

Well, that is my Internet username. I have used that same name for a number of years now to post at various website message boards primarily on the subject of Alien Abductions and also on something known as Monarch trauma-based conditioning; better known as Monarch Mind Control. I have posted what I know on these two subjects from a first-hand eyewitness/survivor based account. I, having been heavily involved from my birth onward in both these "programs," came to realize that they were both intimately connected with each other and have since tried to tell what I know in an attempt to help others similarly involved. To that end I have had great success, however, amid great opposition.

All of the places I chose to post in on these subjects were websites that actually attracted a heavy influx of traffic from this exact demographic (survivors of both the Alien Abduction phenomenon as well as survivors of Monarch Mind Control). In some case the website owners, in my opinion, were either involved themselves as survivors, unwittingly in most cases, or were part of an operation to set up a cyber-net 'watering-hole' which would indeed attract the survivor/abductee population and allow them to be monitored and further manipulated by the cyberspace extension of the same forces behind their survivor/abductee experiences. To this end, many have been intentionally mislead and 'controlled and contained' as far as their access to information that might lead them into actually being able to discover what really happened to them in their childhood and continues to happen to them on up into their adulthood. I fought these forces, which by their intent and design, were in constant opposition to whatever I had to say on the subject. In most cases, after I had a growing audience of survivors/abductees on any given website message board a dynamic within which the reciprocal dialogue would begin to help people's understanding blossom and, in doing so, recollections of their past that were previously buried behind trauma-repressed amnesiac barriers would start to emerge. Once this started, the forces at work, behind the scenes operating at various levels, would then make sure I was silenced.

Generally, what that "silencing" meant was that I would ultimately be banned from further participation on their message boards or their website, after they failed to stop me by either character assassination or repeated caustic psychological intimidation, and in more than a few cases, direct threats delivered to me both online in private communications and offline as well. They would always justify their banning of me by citing some "rules violation," or some breach of civil etiquette after I may have defended myself from the continued onslaught of personal attacks. However, my detractors, no matter how nasty or vile and in violation of same such rules or civil etiquette, never seemed to be held to the same standard and were never banned for the same or worse violations.

A good example of this would be the thread I posted on in the website of Whitley Streiber. He, himself, lead the crusade against me after I began posting in there on the topic of alien abductions and it's connection to the occult/cult mind control apparatus of which I am a part of and have been since early childhood. It was my first foray into Internet message boards. It is there in that "unknown country," I discovered just how powerful a tool the Internet really was in terms of a mass communication and information network.

Such is my story. I tell you all this, not so much to complain, as it was a predictable outcome, considering what I was doing ...and where I was doing it, but in order that you understand the history here in terms of my attempt to 'get out the message' or, if you prefer, to tell my truth of what happened to me and why it happened and continues to happen. To tell how who and what are the forces behind it and how a great many others were involved in what was essentially the covert creation of a secret army of children who were to be an integral part of a fifth column that would ultimately lead to the usurpation from within of a foreign element to take over the political, social, economic and military-intelligence command and control centers of the United States in order to further their own geo-global agenda.

Anyway, having said all that, this is still only an introduction and perhaps even a test flight to see just how well I shall 'fly' in here, within this blog, which is a new adventure for me and a new approach. I do not know if this will work, or how long I will have before the forces at work stifle me here as well. If that sounds paranoid, I'm sorry, but you know the old saying "just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you." [lol] One must take it with a grain of salt that when speaking out against power, especially this kind of power, one must understand that messengers are often silenced. However, in that silence remains truth and the truth is always there waiting to be ascertained by those who are determined to be free.

And freedom, as well as the truth that leads one to perrenial freedom, is always a dangerous path to thread; more often fraught with dragons of our own design rather than the ones others attempt to place in our path. The truth itself can be as a dragon; scary and unpredictable, very uncomfortable and extremely inconvenient indeed. That's why it takes a warrior's soul to relentlessly search for the truth of one's life amidst such cultural denial and social and political resistance and repression. And fear, which is the greatest dragon of them all.

To those who embark upon this path I welcome you here. To those who have traveled it a long way from home bringing their own battle scars and hard fought for and won knowledge and wisdom with them, I salute you and welcome you as well.

So, please join me as we follow the Yellow Brick Road together and journey back to OZ, where it all started, and we shall see the Wizard and unmask him together ...and then at last, perhaps, we shall all be free.

Please be patient. As I said this blog is a new approach for me. My posts may not be regular but rather sporadic at first. I will endeavor to post in a regular and timely fashion as life permits ...and dragons beware!

Pro Libertate!



kris said...

to osr, a very deep bow.

Anonymous said...

OSR, how does one unlock locked memories? I am missing a great deal of time in my childhood but find myself quite skeptical of myself being a mind control victim. If I could just remember my past, then I would know.

efc taelon in earth transit said...

OSR... at
in january or february you made
several postings about mabus, and
gog and magog. i'm puzzled. why
the shakespearian intro from RIII
as a lead-in? were you trying to say something almost totally
V-for-Vendetta or guy fawkes day?

given that you are into a peace
movement mindframe, how do you bring this into a focus concerning
the direct and indirect things that seem to walk into the ancient quatrains everyone now seems to
be placing as a past tnse, given the way 1999 went as a year...

knowing that the vault is a zoo,
knowing that your postings can be
read 1000 ways, precisely how MC
dense was the postings you did?
i know the religious aspects are
almost a wigging out zone if one
is not careful... myself i think
isaac newton embedded an ancient
code inside his 3 to 4 million
pages of notes and jottings down.

there are many layers to messages.

Anonymous said...

thanks for this, i have it bookmarked.

i currently have a thread going at GLP on this topic:

Onesmartrat said...

Thanks alll for comments! I have derigged the comment moderation controls so I expect that comments will be "interesting" and varied in here.

"efc..." Shakespeare was Cult by the way.

I don't recall, but vaguely, what you are reffering to in regard to those posts on Gog and Magog I dreamed it, but I cannot recall what I said exactly...ya know? ...yeah, you know. Must have been a DEEPER Cult Alter.
I guess that why we're called Monarch "Mutiples" eh?


My horse my horse Internal World Kingdoms for a horse..."


Onesmartrat said...

That's MULTIPLES not "mutables."

And I mispelled referring.



Onesmartrat said...

Anonymous, unlocking memories has to do with finding out who you really are.

The key to your memories is locked within your DNA; your physical body is the key and your mind is the door.

Stay Tuned.


"efc" said...

shakespeare is standard text...
given that nearly all students
are exposed to his plays, this
is hundreds of millions. was
wondering when the "godlike"
links came up. this does explain
a few things. thanks osr... [efc]

[!] said...

the link...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, unlocking memories has to do with finding out who you really are.

The key to your memories is locked within your DNA; your physical body is the key and your mind is the door.

Stay Tuned.


So since I don't know how to alter my DNA/physical body, I won't be able to unlock the locked memories?

I have about five memories before age 11. FIVE! Is this normal? I don't think it is but then again I haven't asked too many people.

I have no recollection of being in strange places as a child although I do remember being examined by a psychologist or psychiatrist at the age of about 5-10 (I don't remember) after the police picked me up as I had climbed on someone's roof. If i were paranoid, I'd think that's when the MC started.

I think the only way I could "prove" or at least believe I am a MC victim is to have some more memories which is why I asked about unlocking locked memories.

Anonymous said...


I read most (ALL?) of what you had to say at Whitley Streiber's place - fascinating stuff indeed - a friend and I pieced all the posts (and in context responses) together and I posted them about 18 months or more ago at GLP - got some attention but mostly these days GLP is full of egocentric idiots and know-nothings who insist on spouting off on all manner of subjects that they have no real clue about. I expect the thread has been duly trashed by Trinitard and Co.

Please keep up your fine work - Anders.

efc-fan said...


ive got a bv journal
up... [i am not ayn rand]
hopes eventually
Mr. Black Vault
apologises to someone...
[i an ayn rand egoism person]
i cannot post at all, just
opinion usual, if thee
must ask..............!!![efc-fan]



......OSR's Blog

.......thread UC!

at least you
half explaine
the mabus thread
at GLP...sorta.
.]i[...once....join'd. real world
for REAL!....way back '79

Anonymous said...

Oh man! Am I ever glad to see you posting and speaking out again!

An old furry friend...

evutch said...

it's great to see you out and about, and in control on your own blog!
although it may get somewhat difficult to get into a real conversation here...( sigh)
i joined bv because you were there..
the same for ri..
you leave quite a wake behind you..
and i like have taught me alot, and helped in more than a little towards my being able to confront some MC and the "dirty little war" here that no one talks about..including the dealings with "agents".
i'll be around..
thanks, Evutch

spiritguider Mark said...

In either case, self-awareness is the key to creating a way to knowingness to the level of facing these beings on a more even cosmic playing field, so to speak. There are a variety of traditions that can be used to create greater self-awareness, although, once again, remember, the quest for pure knowledge alone will actually intensify the delusion, so chose carefully. Somerset Maugham once wrote a brilliant piece of bio-fiction about an individual's path to self-awareness called The Razor's Edge. It is an excellent read for anyone interested in what exactly I am referring to here.

After seeing that post at RI, I was moved to - finally - actually read that book.

"I have a good memory for the things which concern me."
-Elliot Templeton

Thank you for the heads up recommendation.

Anonymous said...

Just thought I(NOONE) will pay a little visit here. Hey Patricia (lilypatika) , Susano and our Godess Mother Teressa OSR. Man I really need to revisit my old friend in Oakland, haven't seen her for a while now. She needs to be disciplined! Ah my little doll. J/K!

Anonymous said...

Good grief. Sounds like a personal problem.

Who are all these colossal weirdos that congregate around mind control victims? I saw them fluttering around OSR over at the Black Vault board. Totally bizarre.

Honest to God...what kind of heartless psycho weirdos would go out of their way to taunt these people who have already endured so much injustice?

Hey "Noone"...let me just venture a guess: You're a tiny, frightened little wretch who couldn't articulate nor defend his philosophy of cruelty in a million years. And I'll take your stupified silence as confirmation.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious....this rodent "person" weaves a good tale....can it provide any actual documentation that specifically names it as a participant in any of the programs it claims to have been in? Ennuendo....catch phrases...government program names...none of which proves anything other than it can spin a yarn.
Or maybe it can "remotely" view me and tell me which finger I'm holding up.

Flipper said...


I am seeking real time contact with you.

Found you at the Locotah Republic Lodge.

I left a message in the thread you posted in.

They have a chat room.

Flipper said...

Look in your Blogs Home...

Deep down within "SL-27", The Land of Oz, United States.

Patti said...

Well, GF, I see I'm late to the party. Not gonna whine about it, lol. Sorry I missed out on your
WS smackdown, and am a bit surprised that you bothered with that wus. He must have been shitting rubber biscuits with you on his case...a hard lesson for him is barking up your tree in the first damn place. Payback is a bitch, amirite? WOOF!