Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Chosen Ones; Part I

[This post was actually published on Thursday, March 22nd, 2007. I saved it in draft on Tuesday ...still working out the kinks in here, please forgive misdated time stamp above]

For whatever it's worth, this post is going to raise some controversy.

Not that I am a wallflower when it comes to raising controversy ...lol.

The point is that I am about to depart from convention here in terms what is generally accepted as fact in the UFO "community" regarding the true nature of the abduction phenomenon and the profile of who is considered an "alien abductee."

Year ago, when I first became aware, or rather I should say "awakened" (rather rudely) of my own involvement in this bizarre paranormal three-ring circus, I noticed that the people who were talking about being "abducted by aliens" and describing dramatic and traumatic episodes of what appeared to be repeated visitations, mostly nocturnal, during which they would have apparent encounters with something not of human nature or design, all had identical demographic profiles in terms of their relationship to the general population, in a number of different ways. According to their narratives, these repeated episodes, for pretty much all who had these experiences, would begin in their childhood and continue, in most cases, up into their adulthood.

And a majority describing these experiences were Caucasian.

Oh fuck it ...why bother with all this explanation as if that makes any difference at all as to whether anyone believes me or not?? Hell, just "'out with it" I say.

God is an alien.


[I mean the problem with saying it aloud and in such a definitive manner, is that people tend think about it an almost existential trance, as if it's simply a "theoretical" intangible, improvable, and my favorite; "unknowable." Or many dismiss out of hand as if it's just some science fiction writer's ontological wet dream notion. The fact is, that the much broader implications of this reality, are truly beyond the scope of most people's pre-conditioned, pre-packaged, "lemony fresh" thinking capacity.]


And Whitley Strieber knows it.

That's why I say Streiber is a big fact liar. (No, I didn't mean "fat," I mean fact!) And he's raking in a small fortune at other people's expense. He's a part of the problem, not the solution. He's a well-oiled, well-maintained cog in their big old machine. An important cog at that!

Not that he doesn't believe his own lies. (Well, I know the lies he told about me, he certainly couldn’t really believe ...or could he?).

No, the lie that Streiber believes and is so eager to share with the world is really a very beautiful lie. It's very seductive. It's somehow survivable. Who could blame him?

Beautiful lies are hard to pull yourself away from; they're paralyzingly gripping. They have a kind of shimmering glamour that catches the eye, the sees as well as the inner eye; the "third eye," if you will. Oh, yes, there is the physiological aspect in terms of the implant they stick up in there, precisely so they can manipulate your ability to truly see them for what they really are ...but that's really not the most compelling, no. The most compelling part is the fact that the beautiful lie, as opposed to just the more mundane and ordinary run-of-the-mill lie, is that beautiful lies conform exactly to one's own beliefs; transparent or intransparent. In either case, the beautiful lie makes one 'feel good' and gives one the illusion of a sense of control and safety. That's why most people prefer the lie; it's shimmering illusion is just so.... so ...reassuring.

Yes, we all have our beautiful lies that we cling to.... cling to ...as a drowning man clings to that last piece of driftwood floating adrift in a great big scary ocean.... ocean.... ocean of delusion.

What is so entrancing about this particular lie that Streiber is singularly obsessed with espousing (repeating) is that it requires that he be special in order to have been "let in on the secret." And let me tell you, how appealing it is to be told, quote "you have been chosen" when, in fact, you have been captured.

So, you see, I too am as Streiber is; a "chosen one."

Being a chosen one means that you have a special mission; a special purpose.

That line is a lot easier to swallow emotionally and psychologically, when you are a small helpless kid being systematically and routinely tortured by robots designed to fool you into thinking they are a "race of beings" that "needs your help" for their very survival. Well, it's a sort of true in a way. After all, the "greys" were created to do exactly what they are doing ...and nothing else. So, without abductees to abduct, it's true, their "survival" (as functioning mechanical apparatai) would be in question, I guess. So, I guess they are dependent on us for their very existence.

Quite an ego-boost to be singularly responsible for 'saving an entire species,' wouldn't you say?

My problem is that, while I went along with it to survive, I never really was able to swallow that one completely. As a kid, I was what one in the sales line of business would call a "hard sell." Mostly this was due to my genetic make-up more than anything else. You see, I didn't use my eyes as my primarily mode of sight. I was born from a tribe of shamans. I was a natural empath as well, and this was one of the things that made me such a 'trophy catch' to them ...quite literally in fact.

It's about tribes as well. "Chosen" tribes ...from whence we derived our own 'special super powers' to which both Streiber and I were chosen for, uh ...er ...more like culled out from The Tribe because of those 'powers.'

You know what I am talking about here ...at least some of you do. The more educated and anthro-historically astute ones will get it first.

Here's another juicy tidbit about Whitley Streiber; he is, genetically speaking, a Jew.

[HA! My above stated opinion will no doubt chafe some, while making much sense to others. I wonder if even Streiber 'front-mind' knows ??? This will most certainly shake the Catholic schoolboy bones right to the core. The INNER-CORE, perhaps... "nudge-nudge wink-wink, ya know what I mean-ya know what I mean?" Sorry folks, Monty Python was bound to make an appearance in this blog sooner or later! ...lol]

Well, not that THAT makes him special in terms of being an abductee.... all abductees have that particular genetic profile as a common connection. The term Jew isn't really accurate here, so perhaps "Hebrew" or "Semite" would fit better. Most people cannot make the distinction between these words and tend to relate to them as being synonymous with each other, but they are in reality, most definitely not.

Strictly bio-genetically speaking, there is no such thing as a "Jew." The term Jew comes to us from the name that is solely describing one tribal leader among many from the same genetic origins. More importantly to our discussion here in terms of genetics, would be to learn the origins of the word Hebrew, which, in fact, also comes from a single ancestor, albeit a little further back in the timeline-bound genetic ancestral chain.

Lets pause here and help everyone catch up in terms of a common understanding of the semantics (or should I say "Semitics" ...lol) being bandied about here, shall we?

Jews and Judaism...

From: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jew

Until the late 18th century, the terms Jews and adherents of Judaism were practically synonymous, and Judaism was the prime binding factor among the Jews, although it was not strictly required to be followed in order to belong to the Jewish people. Following the Age of Enlightenment and its Jewish counterpart Haskalah, a gradual transformation occurred where many Jews came to view being a member of the Jewish nation as separate from adhering to the Jewish faith.

The Hebrew name "Yehudi" (plural Yehudim) originally referred to the tribe of Judah. Later, when the Northern Kingdom of Israel split from the Southern Kingdom of Israel, the Southern Kingdom of Israel began to refer to itself by the name of its predominant tribe, or as the Kingdom of Judah . The term originally referred to the people of the southern kingdom, although the term B'nei Yisrael (Israelites) was still used for both groups. After the Assyrians conquered the northern kingdom leaving the southern kingdom as the only Israelite state, the word Yehudim gradually came to refer to people of the Jewish faith as a whole, rather than those specifically from the tribe or Kingdom of Judah. The English word Jew is ultimately derived from Yehudi (see Etymology). Its first use in the Bible to refer to the Jewish people as a whole is in the Book of Esther.


Main article: Etymology of the word Jew

There are many different views as to the origin of the English language word Jew. The most common view is that the Middle English word Jew is from the Old French giu, earlier juieu, from the Latin iudeus from the Greek Ioudaios (Ἰουδαῖος). The Latin simply means Judaean, from the land of Judaea. The Hebrew for Jew, יהודי , is pronounced ye-hoo-DEE. The Hebrew letter Yodh (or Yud), י, used as a 'y' in the Hebrew language (as in the word ye-hoo-DEE), becomes a 'j' in languages using the Latin-based alphabet when the Yodh is used as a consonant rather than as a vowel. Therefore, a rough transliteration of יהודי in English would be Jew.

The etymological equivalent is in use in other languages, e.g., "Jude" in German, "juif" in French, "jøde," in Danish, etc., but derivations of the word "Hebrew" are also in use to describe a Jewish person, e.g., in Spanish (hebreo), in Italian (Ebreo), and Russian: Еврей, (Yevrey). (See Jewish ethnonyms for a full overview.)

Who is a Jew?

Main article: Who is a Jew?

Judaism shares some of the characteristics of a nation[citation needed], an ethnicity, a religion, and a culture, making the definition of who is a Jew vary slightly depending on whether a religious or national approach to identity is used. For discussions of the religious views on who is a Jew and how these views differ from each other, please see Who is a Jew?. Generally, in modern secular usage, Jews include three groups: people who practice Judaism and have a Jewish ethnic background (sometimes including those who do not have strictly matrilineal descent), people without Jewish parents who have converted to Judaism; and those Jews who, while not practicing Judaism as a religion, still identify themselves as Jewish by virtue of their family's Jewish descent and their own cultural and historical identification with the Jewish people.

Historical definitions of Jewish identity have traditionally been based on Halakhic definitions of matrilineal descent, and halachic conversions. Historical definitions of who is a Jew date back to the codification of the oral tradition into the Babylonian Talmud. Biblical interpretations of sections in the Tanach, such as Deuteronomy 7:1-5, by learned Jewish sages, is used as a warning against intermarriage between Jews and non Jews because "[the non-Jewish male spouse] will cause your child to turn away from Me and they will worship the gods of others." Leviticus 24:10 speaks of the son in a marriage between a Hebrew woman and an Egyptian man to be "of the community of Israel.", which contrasts with Ezra 10:2-3, where Israelites returning from Babylon, vowed to put aside their gentile wives and their children. Since the Haskalah, these halakhic interpretations of Jewish identity have been challenged.

Jewish culture

Main articles: Secular Jewish culture and Judaism


guides its adherents in both practice and belief, and has been called not only a religion, but also a "way of life," which has made drawing a clear distinction between Judaism, Jewish culture, and Jewish nationality rather difficult. In many times and places, such as in the ancient Hellenic world, in Europe before and after the Enlightenment (see Haskalah), and in contemporary United States and Israel, cultural phenomena have developed that are in some sense characteristically Jewish without being at all specifically religious. Some factors in this come from within Judaism, others from the interaction of Jews with others around them, others from the inner social and cultural dynamics of the community, as opposed to religion itself.

Ethnic divisions

Main article: Jewish ethnic divisions

The most commonly used terms to describe ethnic divisions among Jews currently are: Ashkenazi (meaning "German" in Hebrew, denoting the Central European base of Jewry); and Sephardi (meaning "Spanish" or "Iberian" in Hebrew, denoting their Spanish, Portuguese and North African location). They refer to both religious and ethnic divisions.

Other Jewish ethnic groups include Mizrahi Jews (a term overlapping Sephardi, but emphasizing North African and Middle Eastern rather than Spanish history, and including the Maghrebim); Teimanim (Yemenite and Omani Jews); and such smaller groups as the Gruzim and Juhurim from the Caucasus, the Bene Israel, Bnei Menashe, Cochin and Telugu Jews of India, the Romaniotes of Greece, the Italkim (Bené Roma) of Italy, various African Jews (most notably the Beta Israel or Ethiopian Jews), the Bukharan Jews of Central Asia, Kaifeng Jews from China, and the Persian Jews of Iran.

Kinda confusing, isn't it?

And this is from the official approved version of the storyline.

So where does that leave us?

Well, I shall let this Part I be just what it is for now.

In Part II, I shall continue with this line of discourse and we will move a little further on down these old well-worn yellow bricks with our imaginary Toto in tow ...and whomever else is still with us ... after reading this posts.





Anonymous said...

I take it that when you say God is alien, that you mean this is what Strieber and the abduction community are getting at?

Onesmartrat said...

No, read what I wrote here.

Streiber still believes in the beautiful lie.

He thinks that the "greys" are a bio-species here to save both the planet and mankind ...and he views himself as an integral part of that "mission."

Thus all the "Doomsday news" on his site.

When in fact it's exactly the opposite. He is also an ardent and unapologetic Catholic, so no, I doubt he has ever said, at least his host-persona, has ever said that God is an alien.

Streiber is a Monarch Multiple by the way, in case you haven't already read my previous writings on the subject. He is heavily handled and he is also a Cult- contracted Intel/psyops asset.


11:11 said...

Front page item at Unknown Country:

YOU Can Be Part of a Mind Control Project!

Lynne McTaggart
Maybe just one good thought is all it takes to change the world. On Saturday, March 24 at 10 am Pacific time, tens of thousands of volunteers from around the world will participate in a series of web-based experiments, which will form the largest mind-over-matter study in history. Lynne McTaggart, author of The Intention Experiment, was on our March 17 Dreamland show, talking about this incredible experiment in mind control, which she has designed with Dr. Gary Schwartz, who has also been a guest on Dreamland. The first experiment will be to try to heal an wilting plant. If it can be brought back to life, the next step will be to try to heal a person, or maybe even the earth. To register for the Intention Project, click here.

So, now people using their own minds, of their own free will, is "mind control", lol. There's a mindfuck for you.

Anonymous said...

I haven't quite figured out how to post my comments other than "anonymously". My usual handle at various boards I comment on is "rothbardian". I wanted to say I appreciate your efforts. I just stumbled across your "rant" manifesto a couple of days ago and then proceeded to scour the Internet for any other of your comments.

Your insights are very interesting in how they seem to corroborate much of the "Svali" material, Cathy O'Brien, Kathleen Sullivan, Susan Ford et al.

Time permitting I was going to post a "Ode to OneSmartRat" over at Rigorous Intuition where I am a member. For them to 'ban' you...with your potential treasure trove of info, and your energetic resistance against these psychopathic 'powers that be'...is probably the absolute dumbest thing that has ever happened over there.

God bless you for your heroic courage in speaking out. I have questions and comments about your stuff at a later time.

Anonymous said...

Your mother told you she loved you, but she could be jiving too!

Where can one post pictures on your blog of you?

Anonymous said...

I really hope you'll pick up where you left off on this, OSR, with The Chosen Ones, Part 2.

You have a wealth of information, and as time goes by you're proven right more than not. I'm looking forward to hearing what else you have to say one this.